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NCSFA Workshop

'C'est Moi' • 22x30 inches by Richard Hawk

Richard Hawk

Tuesday, Sept 25, 2018
12 noon to 3 pm 
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Carmel Mt Rec Center
10152 Rancho Carmel Dr, San Diego, CA 92128 (see map below)

Have you wanted to paint more freely and intuitively? Paint with ease and flow, from your creative core? Paint expressively, with dash and vigor? The Richard Hawk workshop is about all these things. He supplies a “shape collection” - a roadmap for your painting in the form of a carefully designed figurative composition - plus techniques, mindsets and principles that will have you painting with spontaneity and exciting style in no time. Ideal mediums for this workshop are watercolor and acrylic. Join us!
(See Richard’s inspiring art work at

Below is a  list of materials. You don’t absolutely need to have everything mentioned here
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Do not be frightened off by this long list.

If you already have similar items or colors to what I suggest, certainly bring them. For paint, I recommend tube watercolor for the classes. The concepts and techniques we’ll cover are very much applicable in other media, so you can apply what you are learning to your work  on your own. If acrylic is your medium and you want to work in it in the workshop, that’s fine. I’ll use watercolor as the basis for the rest of this list. 

Full sheet watercolor paper (a ‘full sheet’ is 22”x30”) 

My favorites are 140 lb. Arches and Lanaquarelle. Cold press or hot press. You may want to try both. Bring a few sheets. We ‘tear down’ full sheets to half sheets for a good size to paint on. 90 lb. Strathmore Aquarius synthetic paper also good, if you can find it. Gessoed art boards (like Mona Lisa brand) provide a different painting experience that you may like to try. 

Transparent tube watercolor 

Da Vinci brand is an excellent value. American Journey (Cheap Joe’s own brand) as well. Get the larger 37 ML tubes when possible - being stingy with paint is not good for the work. Buy expensive colors or brands when they thrill you or you deserve a treat. 

Colors I rely most upon: 

• Alizarin crimson • Phthalo green
• Ultramarine blue • Turquoise 

• Raw sienna
• Aurelian yellow • white 

Also frequently used: 

• Venetian red or Indian red
• Black (like Holbein Peach Black)
• A warm red (like American Journey’s Red Hot Mama) • Cobalt blue
• Magenta(likeHolbeinOpera)
• HolbeinLavender
• AmericanJourneySpringGreen 

Tools and Materials 

  • Watercolor Crayons (Carand’ Ache brand suggested) 
  • -white (NeocolorII water soluble),and a few colors you like (Neocolor II water soluble) 

• Brushes, the larger the better, 2-3” hake brush, wash brush or house painting bush, and a I” flat. Inexpensive sets of watercolor brushes are available too. 

• Paper support (sheet of acrylic or foam board larger than the paper) to clip your paper to • Clips to hold the paper to the paper support board
• Water container(s) - quart or half gallon tupper ware or similar
• Palette or butcher tray 

• Paper towels
• Sketch pad or paper
• Water mist spray bottle
• Big graphite stick (rectangle or hexagonal in cross section)
• Charcoal pencil
• Small bottle of ink (sumi, Higgins, walnut, whatever you like)
• White wax candle (stub of a used one is fine. We’ll use it to create a resist) • Pencil sharpener or blade
• Kneadable eraser
• Sponge
• Plastic hotel door key or credit card (to scrape with) 

Bring any favorite drawing or painting tools 

Class size limited to 20

Cost is $25 for members and $30 for non-members

Not a Member? You are invited to join the NCSFA,
Our annual dues are very low--only $30.
and you will have access to many fantastic programs through the NCSFA as well as support the arts in San Diego

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Carmel Mountain Rec Center
NCSFA Workshop Location
with easy access off the 15 and Rancho Carmel Dr:

Carmel Mountain Recreation Center

10152 Rancho Carmel Dr. San Diego 92128

(On Rancho Carmel Dr,Turn at the stop light
at Provencal Pl and Rancho Carmel Dr)

click on map to enlarge
10152 Rancho Carmel Dr