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Scholarships Archive

Annually, we award scholarships to north San Diego senior high school graduates who are planning a career in 2D or 3D visual arts

Scholarship Awards 2018:  $2000 awarded ($1000 each)
The 2018 scholarship committee, Sharon Ford, Sue Ann Daffara, and Betty Rexford, had 9 applicants from five local high schools. All applications were filled out online by the students. The two winners for the NCSFA 2018 scholarship each received the same amount of scholarship dollars.
2018 Winners received the NCSFA scholarship award AND a one day art exhibit at the Rancho Bernardo Library

Haier (Heather) Yang

Heather is a senior from Westview High School. Her goal for her career is to become an Art Professor and teach in one of the top Art and Design Schools. She has been accepted to many colleges but she has decided to attend Pratt College in New York.

Hair with her ceramic sculptures Haier with her paintings Haier Yang with her artwork

Cynthia (Cindy) Qiao

Cindy is a senior at Westview High School. Her career goal and lifetime ambition  is to become a Freelance Artist and Designer. She also has been accepted to several colleges and chose the Rhode Island School of Design.


Best wishes to both of our scholarship winners and for all who applied.

Scholarship winner Scholarship winner2018 Cynthia Qiao with her artwork
Haier Yang Artwork

At the scholarship reception "Spring Fling", the NCSFA provided one day art exhibit, and a classical concert, with lyric soprano Emily Peterson (Los Angeles, right) and pianist Anna Dunsford (San Diego, far right).

The RB Friends of the Library provided the refreshments

Emily Peterson sings classical music at the scholarship reception Anna Dunsford accompanies Emily on the piano for the classical concert

Scholarship Awards 2017: $4000 Awarded, honoring six talented graduating seniors
Scholarships for 2017 totalled $4000 (amountvaries with how much the NCSFA can raise each year)
The 2017 NCSFA Scholarship Committee, Margaret North, Jan Bowersox, Sue Ann Daffara and Sharon Ford, received applications from six of the nine local high schools and awarded 6 scholarships of various amounts to divide amongst the very talented student applicants. .

The recipients of the NCSFA 2017 Scholarships are as follows:
Sarah Henwood, 2017 NCSFA Scholarship Winner

Sarah Henwood of Westview High School

Sarah demonstrated not only a very creative and talented ability with her artwork but a level of confidence and maturity to pursue her goals in visual art as she attends the college of her choice; Cal State Long Beach or Savana College of Art and Design. Her career goal is an illustrator with film or animation.

Kaitlyn Kolsky, 2017 NCSFA Scholarship Winner

Kaitlyn Kolsky of Mt Carmel High School

Kaitlyn is very focused with her desired vocational direction with her fine art talent and creativity. She will be continuing her education at SDSU or Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with aspirations in graphic design for marketing.

Sooyoung Kim NCSFA scholarship winner 2017

Sooyoung Kim of Rancho Bernardo High School

Sooyoung is an International Student from Korea. Her incredible creativity and talent is evident in her art portfolio. Her parents are professors of art in Korea. It is her desire to follow in their foot-steps and apply her artistic ability to teach art while developing her talents as a studio artist.  She has been accepted to the UC colleges and Art Center College of Design of LA.

Jessica Boyer, 2017 NCSFA Scholarship winner

Jessica Boyer of Del Norte High School

Jessica demonstrated to the Scholarship Committee her talent in drawing and scratch board illustrations. She plans to continue her education in fine art to become an art teacher. She has been accepted to several colleges with a major in Art Education. She is the first one in her family to go to college.

Fathie Fang 2017 Scholarship Winner

Kathie Fang of Scripps Ranch High School

Kathie impressed us with her determination to pursue her passion for fine art despite obstacles in life. She is a very talented and creative artist. Her major at the college of her choice is graphic design and animation. Her vocational goal is to become an artist in animation for Disney, Pixar or Cartoon Network.

Leif Protor, 2017 NCSFA Scholarship Winner

Leif Proctor of Poway High School

Leif shared his enthusiasm for visual arts and performing arts with the Scholarship Committee. His artwork demonstrated his talent and creativity. His vocational goals of becoming an artist will no doubt be developed along with his fine art talent as he attends Miramar College and then transfers to a university.

Scholarship Awards 2016: $3200 Awarded, honoring eight talented graduating seniors

The students have been awarded NCSFA scholarships in various amounts, with an overall total of $3,200.00. This is a unique year for the scholarships, as one thousand dollars was the result of a special bequest from our longtime member, Albina Ziobro, who asked that she be remembered through the talents of students pursuing fine arts in college. With contributions from her family and friends as well as NCSFA members, we awarded two $500.00 scholarships. Many thanks to everyone who made Albina’s wish come true.

The remaining $2,200.00 was distributed to six selected Seniors, whom the committee interviewed, looked at their work and discussed their future plans in Fine Arts, in college.

Autumn Smith NCSFA Scholarship winner Autumn Nicole Smith
Autumn Nicole will attendCalifornia Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. Her major will be Studio/Fine Art with a minor in French or Anthropology. Her longterm goal is to be a professional artist or art professor. She has won numerous awards in art and also does commissions.She is highly motivated, shows versatily and creativity.
Jessica Pend, NCSFA Scholarship winner Jessica Peng
Jessica has been accepted at CalArts, the Disney School, and is one of only two students in her school to do so. Her career plans are to be a graphic designer/animator. She is devoted to the arts and works very hard to achieve her goals. She has won a number of awards in art.
Amanda Petr Amanda Petr
Amanda will attend the University of Nebraska, where she sill continue her studies in art, with math and architecture as minors. She has a great interest in buildings of all descriptions and her work is very detailed and realistic. She hopes to become an architect, and is passionate about art
Julie Kim NCSFA Scholarship winner Julie Kim
Julie will go to the School of Art Institute, Chicago, in the Fall. She has been awarded a merit scholarship, and wants to specialize in Fine Art and Illustration. Her longtime career goal is to become an art professor.She is actively involved in a professional art studio, which she attends three times a week and is devoted to art and the development of her skills.
Cassandra Mullens, NCSFA Scholarship winner
Cassandra Mullens
Cassandra has plans to attend Miramar College to earn an Associate Degree, before transferring to a four year University. Her greatest ambition is to become an animator and illustrator. She is very hardworking and is excited about developing her skills in the Fine Arts. 
Jade Sommers, NCSFA scholarship winner 2016 Jade Sommers
Jade will be attending SDSU in the Fall, where she wants to continue to expand her art talents
in conjunction with her love of the environment and her interest in marine biology and
engineering. She would like to do scientific drawings of marine and other animals, and perhaps
work for the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. She is very enthusiastic about art and has
produced numerous art pieces in various media, including sculpture and surfboard design. She
does commissions for others and has some of her work on display in the school.
She plans to make art an integral part of her life.
Lars Vahamaki, NCSFA Scholarship winner 2016
Larz Vahamaki
Larz has been accepted at SAIC, Chicago. He plans to major in graphic design, illustration and
industrial design. His longterm goal is to earn a BFA, and to eventually develop an in-house
design team. His art portfolio has been selected as the most outstanding portfolio in the AP
class. His work is varied and creative. He is dedicated to further developing his skills in art and
is excited about the future.
Larz is a recipient of the Albina Ziobro Scholarship.
James Cradit, NCSFA scholarship winner 2016
James Cradit
James will be attending the Rhode Island School of Design, where he will pursue a career in
industrial design or sculpture, with a career goal of becoming a product- design artist. He has
won numerous scholastic awards and art/writing awards.He enjoys ceramics, jewelry and
metalwork, as well as drawing and painting.
James is a recipient of the Albina Ziobro Scholarship.
$2500 Awarded! Honoring our Five Exceptional 2015 NCSFA Scholarship Winners
The NCSFA Scholarship Committee, consisting of Margaret North, Jan Bowersox and Pat Kent, 
interviewed Seniors from area High Schools who plan to further their studies in the visual arts in college.
These students have been awarded NCSFA scholarships in various amounts, with a total of $2,500 awarded. 
We wish these talented students every success as they follow their dreams in the visual arts.

The recipients are:
Kaitlin Breed (Westview H.S.), Mark Rempel (Scripps Ranch HS), Keith Spenser (Rancho Bernardo HS), 
Rowan Smith (Rancho Bernardo HS), Austin Johnson (Rancho Bernardo HS):
Kaitlin Breed, 2015 NCSFA scholarship winner

Kaitlin Breed

Kaitlin will attend California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, this Fall, to pursue a degree in graphic communications. Her career goal is in graphic design. She wants to work with people and coompanies to create corporate logos, websites packaging and other creative content to be used in social media, online portfolios and other web­based media.

Kaitlin shows great versatility, is focused, committed and motivated.

Mark Rempel, 2015 NCSFA scholarship winner

Mark Rempel

Mark has been accepted at the University of Oregon, where he will pursue a career in biological illustration. He has attended courses in the National Outdoor Leadership School, in Alaska, where he developed leadership skills. He has also completed an internship at the San Diego Zoo, where he learned conservation science.His imaginative approach and versatility, along with his interest in animals, artifacts and biology, provide sound preparation for his chosen career as a researcher and wildlife illustrator.

Mark is enthusiastic, creative and strongly motivated.

Keith Spencer, 2015 NCSFA Scholarship Winner

Keith Spencer has been accepted at the Rochester Institute of Technology, in NY.He is planning a career in industrial design. He is particularly interested in art using physical materials. He has taken classes with the Guild, in Escondido learning skills using woods, wrought iron and welding. He has made and sold metal creations and furniture.

His longterm goals include higher degrees in industrial arts, and eventually owning his own business.

Rowan Smith Scholarship Winner

Rowan Smith

Rowan will attend Cal State Fullerton, next Fall.She wants to pursue a career in the field of animation or graphic design.She is hardworking and is motivated to learn and to develop her skills in the arts.

She is excited about furthering her studies in the arts and especially in graphic art and animation.

Austin Johnson, NCSFA scholarship winner

Austin Johnson

Austin has been accepted at Cal State Fullerton. He will major in animation.His creativity in journalism, coupled with his animation skills, have won him awards in several school newspapers and first place in computer graphics at the San Diego State Fair.

Austin is highly motivated and is looking forward to following his aspirations of combining animation and creative journalism.

$2700 Awarded! Announcing our Five Talented 2014 NCSFA Scholarship Award Winners

Kayleigh Cowart ( Mt. Carmel H.S.)

Kayleigh Cowart ( Mt. Carmel H.S.)

Kayleigh will attend the University of Cincinnati to pursue a degree in Interior Design. This
is the highest ranked school in the U.S. for this specialty. It offers a 5-6 year co-op program,
and Kayleigh will work with three different companies during her time there. 

Last summer, she was accepted to the Pratt Institute of Design, in Brooklyn, where she earned four university credits. She is enthusiastic, committed and motivated.

Sydney Snyder (Poway H.S.)

Sydney Snyder (Poway H.S.)

Sydney has been accepted to three 3-D Animation schools: Loyola Marymount and Chapman University
(both in L.A.) and Emerson (Boston). 

She wants to be a Character Artist (Managua) and has taken several courses in high school to prepare herself for a degree in this field. 

Her work demonstrates creativity and versatility and she is excited about pursuing a degree in this area of art.

Brenna Breithaupt (Poway H.S.)

Brenna Breithaupt (Poway H.S.)

Brenna is planning to earn a degree in Graphic Design and Animation. She has been accepted to Miramar
College where she can complete an Associate's Degree, before going on to a four year University. She
wants to take advantage of the UCSD Link Program, which streamlines students from the college setting
to the upper division university setting. 

She is focused, hardworking (she works a full-time job as well as attending school) and considers art a lifestyle.


Rachael Foster (Poway H.S.)

Rachael has been accepted by the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, with locations in San
Diego and L.A. 

She hopes to pursue a career in fashion design and buying for Nordstrom's, where she
works part-time. 

She is highly motivated, well organized and is determined to follow her dreams in fashion design.

Kathleen Carpio ( Rancho Bernardo H.S.)

Kathleen is excited to pursue a career in Graphic Design and Children'sBooks. She aspires to be the Art Director of a company. 

She will attend California State University, San Marcos. 

Her work reflects the cultural influences of her native Hawaiian heritage,
as well as creativity and excitement.

Kathleen Carpio ( Rancho Bernardo H.S.)

2013 Scholarship Awards total $2000 to the following 3 students:

Congratulations to 
Aubrey Cookson, Westview High School
Anna Mikami, Westview High School
Cristina Doi, Rancho Bernardo High School
This year we will have the awards presented at the winning student's schools
Aubrey Cookson Scholarship Winner Anna Mikimi Scholarship Winner Christina Doi Scholarship Winner
Left: Aubrey Cookson,Center: Anna Mikimi, 
Above:Chrisina Doi
2012 Scholarship Awards totaled $2325 to the following 5 students:
Ashlee Mednick, from Westview High School poses with her artwork Cheyenne Saunders from Poway High School with her artwork
Ashlee Mednick, from Westview High School poses with her artwork Cheyenne Saunders from Poway High School with her artwork
Rancho Bernardo senior Chrissy Curl with her artwork and teacher Ella Whitehead Lisa Kim of Rancho Bernardo High School with her artwork
Rancho Bernardo senior Chrissy Curl with her artwork and teacher Ella Whitehead Lisa Kim, Rancho Bernardo, with her artwork
Winning Scholarship Seniors

Five talented seniors 
from local high schools competed for a total of 

$2325 in scholarship awards. 

The recipients are pictured at left

Ashlee Mednick    
Westview H.S. 

Cheyanne Saunders     
Poway H.S.

Chrissy Curl                     
Rancho Bernardo H.S.

Lisa Kim                         
Rancho Bernardo H.S

Not Pictured:
Jenny Lee                        
Poway H.S

Those who have been awarded a NCSFA scholarship received a congratulatory letter and were invited to the awards reception, held at the last society meeting of the year at Bernardo Heights Community Center. This year, the society hosted a dessert reception for the recipients and their families. 
The students brought about five pieces of their work, discussed and displayed them to the membership, and talked about their future plans at college and beyond, in the visual arts.

2011 Scholarships: Nine Awarded in May 2011

front row:  April Amezquita (Scripps Ranch), Elizabeth Morlock (Poway), Jessica Noyes (Westview), Kendra Story (Rancho Bernardo)

Front Row:  April Amezquita (Scripps Ranch), Elizabeth Morlock (Poway), Jessica Noyes (Westview), Kendra Story (Rancho Bernardo) 

Back Row:  Kaitlyn Hemphill (Rancho Bernardo), Ailin Zhao (Scripps Ranch), Alexandra Nordyke (Mt. Carmel), Minhie Lee (Rancho Bernardo),  Haley Gansert ( Rancho Bernardo) 

Minhie Lee Rancho Bernardo Kaitlyn Hemphill from Rancho Bernardo Haley Gansert from Rancho Bernardo
Minhie Lee, Rancho Bernardo Kaitlyn Hemphill, Rancho Bernardo Haley Gansert,. Rancho Bernardo
Elizabeth Morlock from Poway Kendra Story from Rancho Bernardo Jessica Noyes from Westview
Elizabeth Morlock, Poway Kendra Story, Rancho Bernardo Jessica Noyes, Westview
Minnhie Lee Haley Ganssert Children's Book Illustration Kendra Story RBHS
Minnhie Lee RBHS Haley Gansert RBHS Kendra Story RBHS 
Jessica Noyes WHS Elizabeth Morlock 'Chelsea King' Elizabeth Morlock PHS
Jessica Noyes WHS Elizabeth Morlock PHS Elizabeth Morlock PHS
Scholarship winners 2011 Kaitlyn Hemphill Kendra Story
Jessica Noyes WHS Kaitlyn Hemphill RBHS Kendra Story RBHS

2010 Scholarship Awarded Nine Recipients 
In recent years, we have awarded $5,000 in scholarships. This year it was decided to augment the amount to $6,000, using our Memorial Fund to which the family and friends of deceased NCSFA members Maxine Matz and Jean Jarrell had contributed. 

When we honor the achievements of the 9 recipients and acknowledge the support of their families, it is well to recall Jean’s words: “I have always felt that the fine arts are a necessity for the growth of the community and for mankind as a whole. Our children need the exposure to all forms of art and encouragement to explore the arts on their own. But it doesn’t just happen - it takes work and dedication.”
The reward for our hard work in securing scholarship funds came at the May potluck honoring 9 local high school seniors. Meeting them and their families and viewing their artwork gave us a sense of carrying the torch and passing it on. The scene lent a backward glance at ourselves when we were their age.

2010 Awards totaling $6,000 
went to 9 local high school art majors

Luis Morales, 
Art Center College of Design, Pasadena

Poway High: 
Kaila Abruzzo, Academy of Art, San Francisco

Emily Crotz, Palomar College 

Rachel Schaefer, 
Palomar College

Rancho Bernardo High: Mariana Bedoy, 
Palomar College 

Lennea Fish, 
Miramar College 

Alla Khodykin, 
Columbia University 

Brittany Sager, University of California, Santa Cruz

Westview High:
Michele Boccia, 
San Francisco State

Scholarship winners 2010 Sholarshipwinner 2010  
Scholarshipwinner 2010 Scholarship winner 2010 Schoalrship winner 2010
Scholarship winner 2010 Schoalrship winner 2010 Scholarship winner 2010
2009 Scholarship awarded six $800 scholarships

to deserving high school seniors who are continuing their eduction in the field of art. The scholarship recipients and their parents were honored guests at the NCSFA award dinner. The winners detailed their college plans and future ambitions in the field of art. 
Their outstanding artwork was exhibited for NCSFA members to view.

Photo of 2009 NCSFA Scholarship Winners: 

From left to right:
Alexandrea Walron, Rhancho Bernardo High School Jennifer Zhang, Scripps Ranch High School 
Angela Zanolini, Poway High School
Rebecca Moore, Rancho Bernardo High School
Larisa Minerva, Mt. Carmel High School. 

Not pictured: Tal Midyan, Ranco Bernardo High School who was unable to attend. 
His art teacher, Ella Whitehead, accepted his scholarship for him.

Serving on the Scholarship committee 
for 2008-2009
Jan Bowersox, Pat Kent, June Baugh, 
Valerie Raymond, and Jackie Steinmann.

Scholarship Winners for 2009
2008 Scholarship awarded $4500 with nine $500 scholarships...
to exceptional Poway Unified School District High School and Scripps Ranch seniors continuing their education in the visual art fields.
2008 NCSFA Scholarship Winners

Top Row:  D.J. Bradley from Mt. Carmel High School;  Lauren Bae, Samantha Tutone and Tanner Woodbury from Rancho Bernardo High School; Nichole Mellom from Scripps Ranch High School and Ruthie Arbeiter from Poway High School (not pictured).

Bottom Row: Caroline Slutsky, Hao Wang and Greg Skiano, all from Rancho Bernardo High School.

Recognition awards went to Agnes Han, Paul Barral and Heather Applewhite from Rancho Bernardo High School and to Brenna Jones and Justine Carrasco from Poway High School.

2008 Scholarship Tea
A record $9,000 was raised by artist members of the North County Society for Fine Arts and their friends, who turned out 200 strong in support of the Scholarship Tea, an annual fundraiser to promote the funding of scholarships for talented high school seniors intending to continue art studies in college. The event, held at the beautiful Country Club of Rancho Bernardo was chaired by Jackie Steinmann, ably aided by Margaret North, Valerie Raymond, and Cindy Ponath. 
The socializing, silent auction, boutique, and fashion show by Chico's were highlights of the afternoon, and brought in a record number of dollars to be awarded to graduates of area high schools. The warmth and enthusiasm was infectious and a sign that all attendees were having a wonderful time. 

  At the Tea
Photo from left to right: artist members Janet Perkin, Jean Fleshler, Katherine Reeder enjoying the Scholarship Tea.