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2017 Poway Center for Performing Arts Members Judged 2-D Art Show
January 4th through 28th

Vita Sorrentino's painting "San Andreas" won Best of Show 2017


Judged by Michael Steirnagle

Best of Show $200
First Place $175
Second Place $150
Third Place $100
Honorable mention and Juror Commendations

Show Chair Barbara Schmidt

92 entries by 41 artists

9 awards distributed at the reception

81 people clicked in for the reception

Pat Dispeziere's watercolor "Behind the Blue Door" won First Place

Best of Show

Vita Sorrentino
"San Andreas"

First Place

Pat Dispenziere
"Behind the Blue Doors"

There are many descriptions for the word “Moments.” There are countless song titles, movies, science, engineering, mathematics, physics and architectural concepts containing the word “Moments.” The “Moments” show is presented to NCSFA members as an artistic challenge asking them to paint, draw, print, sketch, collage or stitch their expriession of ‘Moments'

Best in Show-"San Andreas" Vita Sorrentino
1st Place-" Behind the Blue Doors" Pat Dispenziere
2nd Place-"Walk Don't Walk" Kathy Aldrich
3rd Place- "Sidewalk Melodies" Lois Athearn
HM "Marriage in Afghanistan" Vance Komula
HM "Fun Times" Lilly Szulc
HM "Bouchon Bistro" Marianne Elam
HM " Balboa Eucalyptus" Jo-Lind Eckstein
HM "Girl in Red" Janet Perkin

The NCSFA invites every member to participate in our January art show
Up to three items can be entered by each artist. Deadline for submission has passed

Sorry--No 3-D art. Regretfully, this venue is not a good space for 3-D works. Therefore, no 3-D artwork will be accepted. We only accept 2-D artwork that can be hung on the walls. Please remember to enter your 3-D artwork at the Escondido Show in October 2017


Load-out Date: Monday, January 30, 2017 9:00am to 11:00am

Hours Poway Center for the Performing Arts is closed on Sundays, Mondays, and major holidays NOTICE: There can be Saturday Matinee performances that will limit access to the lobby art gallery during Saturday Matinee performances.
Parking Permits are required during school hours. The City of Poway may issue a parking ticket if a valid parking permit is not displayed. To receive a parking permit, park in the loading zone parking on the south side of the gallery, or in the parking lot closest to the Poway Center for the Performing Arts and enter the gallery. Once inside go to the left, enter the office, and request a parking permit.

One entry; $25, Two Entries $35, Three Entries $42
All fees paid to North County Society of Fine Arts (NCSFA) online site using PayPal or credit card. If using a check please contact Barbara for how to send it to her.


Best of Show: $200.00
First Place: $175.00
Second Place: $150.00
Third Place: $100.00
Honorable Mention: Certificates, Juror Commendation

ELIGIBILITY:  Artists must be current members of the North County Society of Fine Arts. All entries must be submitted to the North County Society of Fine Arts “Moments” Art Exhibition by December17, 2016. Entries must not violate copyright laws. All works must be ready to exhibit, and be completely dry. All artists submitting artwork to this show are responsible for creating a stable and presentable work of art, or it will be rejected without question.

Each individual piece of art may not have been previously exhibited at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts
Yes--You may submit art from prior NCSFA shows that have not been exhibited at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts
All art displayed must be considered appropriate for viewing by all audiences, including children

INSTRUCTION FOR FRAMING AND HANGING:  The weight of each work of art should not exceed 40 pounds. The center has an art hanging system utilizing wires with adjustable hooks. To ensure the artwork hangs properly, it is imperative that the artists prepare frames as follows:
Prepare the wooden frame wires with the eyehooks and wire that is approximately an 1 1/2" - 2 " from the top of the frame using at least one-eighth inch eyehooks or larger. The hole on the eyehooks should be parallel to the ceiling.
Prepare metal frames by adjusting the hooks to the top of the channel of the frame. flat eye hooks must be 3 inches from the top on wooden frames. Flat eye hooks must be moved all the way to the top of the channel on metal frames.
Artists must place a label on the back of the art with the artist’s name, phone #, artwork title, creation date, medium and size of artwork in inches. You may include more information about the artwork or artist if so desired. The NCSFA will provide Exhibition labels with title of art, artists name, medium and price.

All artists exhibiting agree to pay 15% of gross revenue for any sale of artwork to the City of Poway. The NCSFA does not collect a commision. Groups or individual artist exhibiting at the PCPA agree to collect and report all applicable sales tax on any artwork sold. By submitting this entry, the participant acknowledges their responsibilities.

  Exhibition Limit Note: There can be Saturday Matinee performances that will limit access to the lobby art Gallery. Parking pass required any time Tuesday-Friday, January 31, 2017. Load out date 9:30 am-11:30am. Parking pass required any time Tuesday-Friday. Paintings may be for sale or not for sale. All paintings must remain in the gallery for the duration of the show, even if sold prior to the end of the show. Insurance is the responsibility of the artist. Purchasers of the art works must make arrangements for picking up the art at the end of the show. All works of art must be removed from the Poway Center for the Performing Arts by the end of the load out process on January 31st. Poway Center for the Performing Arts, and North County Society of Fine Arts and its members will assume no liability for loss, theft, or damage during all phases of this event. Artists participating in the juried events of this show agree to allow reproduction privileges of their award winning art for Poway Center for the Performing Arts marketing and Marquee and the North County Society of Fine Arts newsletter, website and publicity purposes only. By submitting this entry, the participant acknowledges their responsibilities.
Poway Center for the Performing Arts WAIVER OF LIABILITY:  As a reminder, the applicant, for himself or herself, and the above-named group and all members thereof, hereby waive any and all rights to make a claim for any loss or damage against the City of Poway, and its officials, employees, and agents, arising out of the use of City of Poway property pursuant to this agreement; and further agrees to indemnify. defend, and save free and harmless the City, and its officials, employees, and agents for all costs and claims for damages to real or personal property, or personal injury to any third party, including reasonable attorney fees, resulting from the use of said property pursuant to this agreement. Parking passes required any time Tuesday through Friday. Applicant is responsible for all liability arising out of applicant’s use of the facility. By submitting this entry, the participant acknowledges their responsibilities.

North County Society of Fine Arts has a corporate filing number 1978096, is a tax-exempt, is a publicly supported organization as described in section 509(a) (2), under section 501 (C)(3). Identification number is 33-0711450.


Saturday, December 17, 2016 -- Deadline to enter.
Tuesday, January 3, 2017 9:00am to 11:00am -- Load in

Saturday, January 14, 2017 1 - 3 pm--Reception
Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 9-11 am--Load-out

Entry Fees:
NCSFA Members: 1 Entry @ $25, 2 entries @ $35, 3 entries @ $42.
Entering your images:

Size Limitation: Size minimum: 12". maximum size: if over 48" check with Barbara. 40 lb maximim weight limit.

Awards will be announced at the Jauary 14th reception and will be posted on the NCSFA website shortly thereafter.

Artwork must be original and suitable for family viewing. The artwork must not have been produced in class. Work previously shown at PCPA cannot be entered. Plexiglas is required for all works under “glass” except for pastel works. For wood frames, use screw eyes or D-rings positioned on the vertical side at least 1 ½ - 2” from the top. Holes in the screw eyes should be parallel to the ceiling. Use screw eyes 1/8" or larger. Hanging wire is not required but there is no need to remove it if already in place. For metal frames, move the vertical side pieces to the top of the channel.

City of Poway takes 15% commission on sales. NCSFA does not take commissions.

Liability: Insurance of art work entered is the responsibility of the artist. Though care will be taken in handling all entries, NCSFA will not be responsible for loss or damage of any kind for any entry submitted. Submitting art to this exhibit constitutes an agreement on the part of the artist to the conditions set forth in this prospectus. NCSFA may rescind the right of hanging or displaying any art misrepresented or unsuitably presented.

Image use / copyrights: The artist retains copyrights to submitted images and represented artwork. By entering the competition and submitting images, the artist is granting permission for the NCSFA to use selected images (particularly award winning entries) on printed materials and on the NCSFA website.

Contact Barbara, and a reply will be processed as soon as possible.
Thank you for entering the NCSFA Members Judged Show 2017.

You must pay AND fill out registration entry form below to enter, Remember PAYMENT requires a separate step
Thank you for participating!

You may also pay by check, although PayPal is the preferred method. If paying via check please send to Sue Robertson's home address and also . Make check payable to NCSFA..

If Paying with your Paypal Account (Preferred Method)
1. Complete and submit the Form Below
Pay online by clicking the "Pay Now" button Below

If Paying with your Credit Card through Paypal
(also preferred method--no Paypal account needed)
1. First complete and submit theForm Below................
2. Pay by credit card online by clicking the "Pay Now" button, then select "Don't have Paypal Account"

If Paying by Check
1.Complete and submit the Form below......
2. Make check payable to NCSFA...........................................
Be sure to have your name and correct address on the check

3. Mail check to Sue Roberston at her home address
4. also email
Sue so she knows to watch for your check

After you click "Submit" on the application, please SCROLL UP for confirmation response

If there is no confimation response after scrolling up, please review and answer all required questions and click SUBMIT again.
Thank you so much for participating!

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