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Welcome to the NCSFA February 2014 Center for Performing Arts
Juried Open 2-D Art Show February 2014

Summer Daze by Michael Perrone

Award Winners
Total prize money $1100

Juried By Cathy Carey

Best in Show: Michael Perrone : "Summer Daze"

First Place:
"Howl" by Cheryl Boeller
An Extra Slice of Lemon by Karen Howard
Shipmate by Karen Yee
"Sunspots" by Janet Perkin
Cheryl  Boeller
Karen Howard
"An Extra Slice of Lemon
Interiors/Still Life
Karen Yee

All Figurative/ Portrait
Janet Perkin
Non-Objective/ Surreal
Second Place:
Patricia Titus "Tom Ham's Lighthouse"
Sherry Roper "Red and Black"
Anita Plaks "Early Days"
Carol Mansfield "Balance"
Patricia Titus
"Tom Hamm's Lighthouse"
Sherry Roper
"Red and Black"
Interiors/Still Life
Anita Plaks 
"Early Days"
All Figurative/ Portrait
Carol Mansfield

Non-Objective/ Surreal
Third Place:
Sherry Krulle-Beaton "Skysong" Pat Dispensizere "Play of Light" Darlene Katz "Above the Crowd" Mosses Muturi "Dust to Dusk"
Sherry Krulle-Beaton "Skysong"
Pat Dispenziere
"Play of Light II"
Interiors/Still Life
Darlene Katz
"Above the Crowd"
All Figurative/ Portrait
Moses Muturi 
"Dust to Dusk"
Non-Objective/ Surreal
Honorable Mention:
Michele Kruck "Tiki" Ruth Hohberg "Still Life on a Rug" Pat Dispenziere "Day in Cusco" Vance Komula "Uggr"
Michele Kruck
Ruth Hohberg
"Still Life on a Rug"
Interiors/Still Life
Pat Dispenziere
"Day in Cusco"
All Figurative/ Portrait
Vance Komula
Non-Objective/ Surreal
Bonnie Williams "Rusty Bluff" Sherry Roper "Early Bloomers" Jo Lind Eckstein "I Wish I May" Kathryn Peterson "Botticelli's GLory"
Bonnie Williams
"Rusty Bluff"
Sherry Roper
"Early Bloomers"
Interiors/Still Life
Jo-Lind Eckstein
"I Wish I May…"
All Figurative/ Portrait
Kathryn Peterson
"Botticelli's Glory"
Non-Objective/ Surreal


First Name Last Name Title Medium
Lois Athearn Focused To Win Watercolor
Amy Bekier What's behind those Glasses? Soft Pastel
Amy Bekier Hibiscus Soft Pastel
Cheryl Boeller Second Chance at Play Acrylic
Cheryl Boeller Howl Acrylic
Cheryl Boeller Coyote Wakes Up the Boulders Mixed Media
Jan Bowersox Leaves Watercolor/mono-print
Jan Bowersox Rooster Watercolor/Ink
Joyce Bruun Nancy's Cat Acrylic
Lori Chase Bird of Paradise Mixed Media
Sue Ann Daffara Autum still life Acrylic
Pat Dispenziere Play of Light II Watercolor
Pat Dispenziere A Day in Cusco Watercolor
Jo-Lind Eckstein Blue Plate Special Oil
Jo-Lind Eckstein I Wish I May..... Soft Pastel
Jo-Lind Eckstein On The Ranch Soft Pastel
Sharon Ford Crescent Beach Washington Soft Pastel
Sharon Ford Road Trip Soft Pastel
Lois Goodman Girl With Hibiscus colored pencil/graphite
Ruth Hohberg still life on a rug Oil Pastel
Karen Howard An Extra Slice of Lemon Soft Pastel
Karen Howard Blue Butterfly Soft Pastel
Karen Howard Harry's Reflection Soft Pastel
Tricia Kaman At the Door: Homage to Queen Elizabeth Oil
Tricia Kaman Looking Towards the Light Oil
Tricia Kaman Preoccupation Oil
Darlene Katz Above the Crowds Oil
Darlene Katz Center Stage Oil
Nancy Kempf Capistrano Mission Acrylic
Leslie Klurfeld Rainbow of Flowers Mixed Media
Vance Komula Uggr Acrylic
Vance Komula Pope visits the New World Mixed Media
Michele Kruck Beach #69, Hawaii watercolor/ink
Michele Kruck Dubrovnik, Croatia watercolor/ink
Michele Kruck Tiki watercolor/ink
Sherry Krulle-Beaton Skysong Acrylic
Sherry Krulle-Beaton Wooded Tapestry Acrylic
Carol Mansfield Balance Acrylic
Linda Meeker Coming Home Oil Pastel
Moses Muturi Dust to Dusk collage
Joyce Nash La Jolla Sunset Acrylic
Joyce Nash Wild Thing II Acrylic
Karen Nephew Little Sur River, Big Sur Oil
Janet Perkin Love Triangle Mixed Media
Janet Perkin Sun Spots Acrylic
Janet Perkin Matilde Mixed Media
Michael Perrone Girl with Bling Oil
Michael Perrone Table by Candlelight Oil
Michael Perrone Summer Daze Oil
Kathryn Peterson Invention-Creation Acrylic, copper wire, torn paper
Kathryn Peterson Botticelli's Glory Soft Pastel
Kathryn Peterson Salina Kneeling Caran d'ache, Gouache
Anita Plaks Early Days Soft Pastel
Sherry Roper Early Bloomers Watercolor
Sherry Roper Passing Time at the D'Orsay Watercolor
Sherry Roper Red and Black Watercolor
Renata Shafor Eucalyptus Oil
Rita Shulak Adrian the Bohemian Oil
Vita Sorrentino Sienna Woods Acrylic
Shanna Stanton Mission Palm Mixed Media
Lilly Szulc Elvis Presley Acrylic
Marlene Tague Stillife with Apples and Grapes Oil
Patricia Titus Facade 3 Acrylic
Patricia Titus Lucy's Legacy Acrylic
Patricia Titus Tom Ham's Lighthouse Acrylic
Bonnie Williams rusty bluffs Watercolor
Bonnie Williams Three pretties Watercolor
Richard Wynne City Never Sleeps Oil
Karen Yee Shipmates acrylic on canvas
Karen Yee Abundance acrylic on canvas
Karen Yee Cross Purposes acrylic on linen
Inka Zamoyska Torrey Pines Cliffs Oil

Meet Cathy Carey
Our Open Show Juror

Juror's Statement:
“My personal philosophy of color is to express emotional meaning through color. I believe this is the purpose of art, to express the story of being alive at a particular time. Art is the physical manifestation of the emotional and spiritual nature of an artist's response to the world around them, and the world within them.”

To learn more about Cathy Carey you can visit her website

On a Hill Above Tuscany painting by Cathy Carey


Load In:
Wednesday, January 29th 2014 from 9am- 11am
Reception: Sunday, February 9th 2014 from Noon to 2: 00 pm
Load-out: Tuesday, February 25th 2014 from 9am-11am

Framing: Plexiglas is required for all paintings with the sole exception of pastel work. For wood frames use, use 1 ½ to 2" screw eyes with opening of ¼", positioned on the vertical sides of the frame from 1 ½ to 2" from the top. Holes in the screw eyes should be parallel to the ceiling to accommodate the hanging wires available at PCPA. For metal frames, move the vertical slide pieces to the top of the channel.
Commission: The only commission is 15% to the Poway Center for Performing Arts. NCSFA does not take commissions.

Prize money: Total prize money of $1100 will be awarded to 13 artworks: $200 for Best in Show,
$100 for 1st place awards, $75 for 2nd place awards and $50 for 3rd place awards in four categories.

Artwork Categories:
1. Landscape/Exterior
2. Interior/Still Life
3. Figurative/Portraits
4. Non-Objective/Surreal
Qualifications: Artwork must be original and suitable for family viewing, not be produced in class and not previously shown at PCPA.

Artwork must be not more than 4'x 4' in size.
Click here to read the complete prospectus

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