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2010 NCSFA Open Juried Show
Juried By Sally Clark

Special Thanks to Gordon Bashant, Show Coordinator

Helen Sherry's "Journey" Lois Goodman's "Frontiersman"





Best in Show
Helen Sherry
People's Choice
Lois Goodman
Susan Smolensky's "US Forestry Service II" Ruth Hohberg's "Tip of the Iceberg" Alan Katof's Swedish Round Church

"Morning Light III" by Sharon Feingold

1st Place
Susan Smolensky
US Forestry Service II 

1st Place
 Ruth Hohberg
Tip of the Iceberg
1st Place
Alan Katof
Swedish Round Church

1st Place
Sharon Feingold
Morning Light III
Oil or Acrylic Under Glass
Kathy Glick"s "Lindsey's Painting"

"Remembering Chennai" by Peggy Weiner

Janet Perkin's photograph "Olympic National Park"

Jo-Lind's "Road to Jerome"

2nd Place
Kathy Glick
Lindsey’s Painting 
Oil or Acrylic
2nd Place
Peggy Weiner
Remembering Chennai

Oil or Acrylic Under Glass
2nd Place
Janet Perkin
Olympic National Park
2nd Place
Jo-Lind Eckstein
Road to Jerome

Shant Beudjekian's  "Under the Sun"
"The Del" by Gordon Bashant Suzy Wozniak's "Mystery Rock"

3rd Place
Shant Beudjekian
Under the Sun
Oil or Acrylic

3rd Place
Gordon Bashant
The Del
Oil or Acrylic Under Glass

3rd Place
Suzy Wozniak
Mystery Rock 
"91 Zen Garden" by Vita Sorrentino Sherry Roper's "White Azaleas" "Grape Leaves III" by Lori Chase Minnie Valero's "Sunset Tales at Mission Bay"
Honorable Mention
Vita Sorrentino 
91 Zen Garden 
Oil or Acrylic
Honorable Mention
Sherry Roper
White Azaleas
wc or Acrylic Under Glass
Honorable Mention
Lori Chase
 Grape Leaves III
wc or Acrylic Under Glass
Honorable Mention
Minnie Valero 
Sunset Tales at Mission Bay
Oil or Acrylic

Artists Selected by Sally Clark:

Category 1 Oil and Acrylic

Category 2, Acrylic & Watercolor under glass

Category 3, Photography Pastels Prints, and Pen & Ink

Category 4, Collage and Mixed Media  

 Oil or Acrylic on Canvas or Board,
Without Glass
LOU SMILLIE                                                         EL DORADO
*ALBINA ZIOBRO                                                   ROAMING  
BRIAN BELFIELD                                                  BREAKING
*GLORIA MURIEL                                                   FAUNA
SUSAN SMOLENSKY                                            DEL MAR--DOWN THE HOME STRETCH
SUSAN SMOLENSKY                                            US FORESTRY SERVICE II
*JANET GENET                                                      THE BLUE FENCE
JERRY VANDE BERG                                           SUNRISE ALONG LI RIVER
AMY MCATEE                                                       TUSCANY
*SI OSGROVE                                                        WOMAN IN BLACK HAT
*BARBARA MURPHY                                            SMITHSONIAN GARDEN
*SHANT BEUDJEKIAN                                          UNDER THE SUN
*MARJORIE RAUCH                                               YOSEMITE
MINNIE VALERO                                                   SUNSET TALES AT MISSION BAY
*DORIS HODGSON                                                AMBER'S LILIES
*DIANNE BULLEN                                                  BAJA-SUN-SEA
*SHANNA STANTON                                              SECRET PLACE OF MINE
*KATHY GLICK                                                     LINDSEY'S PAINTING
*VITA SORRENTINO                                               91 ZEN GARDEN

CATEGORY 2  Watercolor or Acrylic Under Glass
JAN JANAS                                                              BELL TOWER
SHERRY ROPER                                                      FAVORITE THINGS

SHERRY ROPER                                                      WHITE AZALEAS
*LORI CHASE                                                            GRAPE LEAVES III
*DEE DURBIN                                                           HAPPINESS
BONNIE WILLIAMS                                                  COLORADO MOUNTAINS
PEGGY WEINER                                                      REMEMBERING CHENNAI
BARBARA SIEGAL                                                   HOT DOG VENDER
SHARON FEINGOLD                                                MOODY TULIPS
SHARON FEINGOLD                                                MORNING LIGHTS III
DON ALLAN                                                              KANSAS
*GORDON BASHANT                                                DEL
CHUCK MCPHERSON                                              MILLARD CANNERY
*PAT DISPENZIERE                                                   NESSEBAR I
*MARGARET NORTH                                                RISING MISTS- DANA LANDING
*JUNE BAUGH                                                          KOI POND
*KATHERINE REEDER                                              OLD BLUE '34
HELEN SHERRY                                                       JOURNEY-- BLUE ABSTRACT
MARK SMITH                                                            CINQUE TERRA
*JACKIE STEINMANN                                                HEIRLOOM
*JACKIE STEINMANN                                               HOLIDAY
*CLEMENTINE PORZAK                                            PINK CAMELLIA
*EMMA MUZZY                                                         GARDEN FLOWERS

 CATEGORY 3 Photography, Pen & Ink, Pastel, Prints & Drawings
*JANET PERKIN                                                     OLYMPIC NATIONAL PARK
*RUTH HOHBERG                                                  NEW YORK REFLECTIONS
*LOIS GOODMAN                                                   FRONTIERSMAN
*JULIANNA HADLEY                                               FIND A RABBIT
*DAVID HODGSON                                                 HOW MANY BOTTLES YOU SAY?
ALAN KATOF                                                          SWEDISH ROUND CHURCH
*BART MAGOSKI                                                    FIRE IN SKY
*BRANDON MAGOSKI                                            DESERT WINTER
*SUZY WOZNIAK                                                     MYSTERY ROCK
TERRY ALBERT                                                      BORDER COLLIE
*DORIS BERTCH                                                    COASTLINE
*ELEANOR MYRUS                                                RIPE FOR PICKING
EILEEN MANDELL                                                  TULIPS
SHANDEL GAMER                                                  BIRD'S EYE
*JO-LIND ECKSTEIN                                               ROAD TO JEROME
*KAREN  VINCENT                                                  NORWAY FJORD

CATEGORY 4 Sculpture, Collage and Mixed Media
*KATHRYN PETERSON                                           THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES
*VALERIE RAYMOND                                              RECLINING WOMAN
*RUTH HOHBERG                                                   TIP OF THE ICEBERG
*VITA SORRENTINO                                                PIECES OF BROKEN DREAMS

*NCSFA Members

The copyright for the images on the NCSFA website belong to the artists unless the artist's permission is granted or their copyright is specifically sold as a separate element. This includes reproducing these images in any form.

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