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NCSFA Members Juried Show
Archives for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016

California Assembly Award

Escondido Municipal "Expressions" Gallery
262 E Grand Ave, Escondido, CA 92025
Open Tuesday and Thursday - Saturday, 11 am - 4 pm

The NCSFA was recently Awarded
by the California Legislature
For Recognition for our Dedication to the Arts

Presented by Marie Waldron
Assemblymember 75th District
in 2014

California Legislature

2016 Award Winners and List of Exhibited Artworks
Juried by Michael Steirnagle
Carol Mansfield's 2017 first place award winner "Protest" Pat Titus' 2nd place winner, "Cielo Village Lois Athearn's 3rd place winner, "Iban Tribesman on the Delok River"
First Place Carol Mansfield's "Protest" 2nd place
Pat Titus 
"Cielo Village"
3rd place
Lois Athearn 
"Iban Tribesman on the Delok River"
Lori Chase's Honorable Mention: "On the Rocks" Vita Sorrentino's Honorable Mention, "Madame B2"
Honorable Mention
Lori Chase
"On the Rocks"

Honorable Mention
Vita Sorrentino
"Madam B 2"

Lori Chase On The Rocks Watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, oil Cool Watercolor Nature's Patterns Watercolor
Sharon Ford Farmers Market Sunflowers Pastel on Suede Scattered Thoughts Acrylic Mixed media Wrapped Echos of Color Acrylic Mixed Media
Ann Westbrook Hawaii 3 Acrylic Noemi Acrylic
Vita Sorrentino Madam B 2 mix media Madam B 3 watercolor
Mary Kathleen Aldrich Trail Riders Oils Rosalee and Aria Oils
Betty Rexford Mabel Dodge House Watercolor Secret Place Acrylics
Ahna Street Sweet Fifi Watercolor Intriguing Balboa Watercolor
Roxanne Smith My Poppies collage Glogal Warming? collage Multitasking Mixed Media
Wally Smith Out on the Town collage
Katherine Reeder Cancer Touches Everyone Mixed
Sue Ann Daffara California Gold acrylic on WC paper Three Poms acrylic on WC paper Indian Summer acrylic on WC paper
Marlene Tague Rainy Day Watercolor Matija Poppy Oil
Patricia Titus Cielo Village Plein Air Oil Lake Hodges Plein Air Oil Oceanside Harbor Plein Air Oil
Patricia Patapow Walpi acrylic Hopi Journey Multi Media Erma Hopi Potter watercolor
Sherry Chen Fish Pond Acrylic and Ink on Canvas Ocean at Sunset
Acrylic and Ink on Canvas
Doris Bertch Tidal Rocks Pastel Torrey Cliffs Pastel
lois Athearn Iban Tribesman on Delok River, Borneo Watercolor
Jan Bowersox Mushrooms w/c & ink mono-print Organic Carrots w/c & ink mono-print
Linda Doll Sunshine Series Watercolor
Carol Mansfield Protest acrylic on paper
Roman Chavez Going Home Photography Old Truck Photography
Michael Daffara A little girls dream wood ( 3D )
Janet Perkin Fantasy Queen Mixed Media
Cheryl Boeller Country Escape oil Ground Gestreift oil Ciao Pinky Cielo oil
Jane Genet " Sweet Napoli, What Charms are Given " Oil on Canvas My Friend "Ulago " Oil on Canvas Sunrise Over Vesuvius Oil on Canvas


2016 Award Winners and List of Exhibited Artworks
Juried by Catherine Grawin
Cheryl Boeller's "Lake Wohlford"First: Cheryl Boeller, Lake Wohlford
NCSFA Members Juried Show
October 7th - November 5th 2016

Escondido Municipal Gallery Complex: Expressions Gallery

Congratulations to our award winning artists:    
First: Cheryl Boeller, Lake Wohlford
Second: Jo-Lind Eckstein, Keeper of Memories
Third: Pat Titus, Alta Vista Plein Air
Special Juror's Award: Vita Sorrentino: Patterns

Honorable Mentions:
Pat Dispenziere, Odessa Survivor
Sharon Ford, Favorite Sunrise
Lilly Szulc, Wait and Sea

262 E Grand Ave, Escondido, CA 92025
Open Tuesday and Thursday - Saturday, 11 am - 4 pm

Juried by Catherine Grawin

Jo-Lind Eckstein's "Keeper About Memories" "Alta Vista Plein Air" by Pat Titus Vita Sorrentino's painting "Patterns"
Jo-Lind Eckstein
"Keeper of Memories"
Second Place
Pat Titus
"Alta Vista Plein Air"
Third Place
Vita Sorrentino
" Patterns"
Special Juror's Award
Pat Dispenziere's watercolor "Odessa Survivor" Alta Vista Plein Air by Sharon Ford Lily Szulc's artwork "Wait and Sea"
Pat Dispenziere
"Odessa Survivor"
Honorable Mention
Sharon Ford
"Favorite Sunrise"
Honorable Mention
Lilly Szulc
" Wait and Sea"
Honorable Mention
Escondido Show 2016 Escondido Show 2016
Mary Kathleen Aldrich Mustard Path Oil
Lois  Athern Hard Candies Watercolor
Lois  Athern Jewel Tone Vases Watercoloor
Doris Bertch Solitude Pastel
Doris Bertch Carlsbad Sunset II Pastel
Cheryl  Boeller Lake Wohlford Oil
Cheryl  Boeller Los Penasquitos Preserve Oil
Cheryl  Boeller Garden Path Oil
Jan  Bowersox Aspen Trees Watercolor & Ink
Joyce  Bruun Refugio Beach Santa Barbara Acrylic
Lori  Chase Fall colors Mixed
Lori  Chase Garden Mixed
Sue Ann Daffara Exuberance Acrylic on WC Paper
Sue Ann Daffara Pond view Acrylic on WC Paper
Pat  Dispenziere A View From My Kitchen Transparent Watercolor
Pat  Dispenziere Odessa Survicor Transparent Watercolor
Jo-Lind Eckstein When the Light is Just Right Oil
Jo-Lind Eckstein Balboa Park Eucalyptus Pastel
Jo-Lind Eckstein Keeper of Memories Mixed
Sharon Ford October Sunset Oil
Sharon Ford Favorite Sunrise Oil
Lois Goodman Portrait Artist's Portrait Graphite
Lois Goodman Rugged Landscape Acrylic
Michele Kruck Reclaimed Tea, Watercolor, Pen
Naomi Lesberg Ready to Soar Colored Pencil
Naomi Lesberg Cat on Black (Callie) Colored Pencil
Carol Mansfield Hot, Hot, Hot Acrylic on Paper
Annie  Omens Aloe Burst Digital Photographic Composite
Annie  Omens Blue Aloe Digital Photographic Composite
Annie  Omens Spiny Lizard Digital Photographic Composite
Patricia  Patapow The Artrium Acrylic
Patricia  Patapow Emerging Fantasy Acrylic
Patricia  Patapow Quiet Moment Oil
Janet  Perkin Lindisfarne  Mixed Media 
Janet  Perkin Ceres Watercolor 
Kathryn  Peterson View From Kate Sessions Park Watercolor
Kathryn  Peterson Have a Heart Acrylic, Assemblage, Seed, Wire
Kathryn  Peterson Homage to the (Women's) Circle Hand-sewing 4 Generations, plastic grocery bags
Lynne Rand In the Town of Poultney Mixed 
Barbara  Raub High Tide Acrylic Paint on Chair
Barbara  Raub I'd Like to be Under the Sea in an Octopus Garden in the Shade Waterccolor
Betty  Rexford Christmas Memories Watercolor
Betty  Rexford Tower in Misty Light Acrylic
Barbara Schmidt Dancing Poppies Watercolor
Roxanne  Smith Inspired Mixed Media
Roxanne  Smith Sampler Acrylic
Vita Sorrentino Sienna Golden Woods Acrylic
Vita Sorrentino Patterns Watercolor 
Lilly  Szulc Wait and Sea Oil
Lilly  Szulc Still Life Oil
Marlene  Tague Peonies Oil on Canvas
Marlene  Tague Landscape Torn Paper Collage
Patricia  Titus Alta Vista Plein Air Oil
Patricia  Titus Lake Hodges Plein Air Oil
Karen  Vincent Limbs Watercolor 
Karen  Vincent Waiting #3 Watercolor
Karen  Vincent Roses on the Windowsill Watercolor
Ann Westbrook Grant  Acrylic 

Catherine Grawin, a native Californian, is an oil painter of landscape, still life and abstract work. A true colorist, her bold and loose brushwork is her signature style that appeals to collectors in the US and abroad. Her art education includes a BA degree from SDSU in Graphic Design and Communication, with post-graduate work in Architectural Design and Rendering. Some of her noteworthy art teachers include Sebastian Capella and John Asaro among others.

Grawin's work can be seen in the fine art book Land of Sunlight.

"Chino Farmhouse, Rancho Sante Fe" by Catherine Grawin "Descanso" by Catherine Grawin
"Chino Farmhouse, Mission Trails"

2015 Award Winners and List of Exhibited Artworks
Juried by Nancy Oleksa
Kathryn Peterson's "Sunlit Dining Room" Vita Sorrentino's "Bellissimi" Janet Perkin's "Are You Being Served?"
First Place
"Sunlit Dining Room"
Kathryn Peterson

Second Place
Vita Sorrentino

Third Place
“Are You Being Served”
Janet Perkin

Award Winners:

1st place:  Kathryn Peterson “Sunlit Dining Room”
2nd place:  Vita Sorrentino “Bellissimi”
3rd place:  Janet Perkin “Are You Being Served”
HM:  Marlene Tague “Spring Jewels”
HM:  Patricia Titus “Balboa Park Plein Air in Orange”
HM:  Lydia Velarde “Crow Town USA”
Marlene Tague "Spring Jewels" Pat Titus" Balboa Park Plein Air in Orange" Lydia Velarde's "Crow Town USA"
Honorable Mention
"Spring Jewels
Marlene Tague

Honorable Mention
“Balboa Park Plein Air in Orange”
Patricia Titus
Honorable Mention
“Crow Town USA”
Lydia Velarde

NCSFA Members Show 2015 - List of Exhibited Artworks, Juried by Nancy Oleksa:
Last Name
First Name
Aldrich Kathy The Pool Oil
Aldrich Kathy Route 66 Diner Oil
Athearn Lois Rounding the Mark Watercolor
Athearn Lois Reflections In The Sand Watercolor
Bekier Amy Matanzas Creek Pastel
Bekier Amy Watermelon Oil
Bertch Doris After the Storm Pastel
Bowersox Jan Hollyhocks W/C Mono-Print
Bruun Joyce Reformation Acrylic Inks
Bruun Joyce California Sea Scape Acrylic
Chase Lori Land and Sea Acrylic
Chase Lori Bamboo Mixed
Davis Warren The Conversation Was Getting Out of Hand Watercolor
Davis Warren Crescendo Watercolor
Eckstein Jo-Lind One Gourd Three Times Ooil
Eckstein Jo-Lind Going Home Pastel
Eckstein Jo-Lind Necessary Ingredients Oil
Ford Sharon Reflections Soft Pastel
Genet Jane Indian Oak at Creek Hollow Ranch Oil 
Genet Jane The Switch Back Oil
Gifford Yana Music White Charcoal
Gifford Yana Rainer White Charcoal
Mclean Kathy Allen's Hummingbird Watercolor
Mclean Kathy Autumn Grapes Watercolor
North Margaret Elyse Watercolor
Omens Annie Joshua the Tree Mixed Media
Omens Annie Sea Currents Mixed Media
Omens Annie Tortoise of the Earth Digital Photography 
Patapow Patricia Feather Dance Acrylic
Patapow Patricia Floating Compliments Acrylic
Perkin Janet Are You Being Served Collage 
Peterson Kathryn Comandress Acrylic on Yupo
Peterson Kathryn Sunlit Dining Room Watercolor
Rand Lynne Une Poire Mixed
Rand Lynne Fabrication Acrylic and Textiles
Reeder Katherine Last Stop Watercolor
Robertson Sue Where are the Girls Digital Photography
Robertson Sue Eroding Layers of the Grand Canyon Digital Photography
Ruehl Bruce Elmer Prairie Sunrise Acrylic
Ruehl Bruce Elmer Rain and Shine Acrylic
Sakoi Kelly Canyon Solitude Acrylic
Sorrentino Vita Bellissimi Water Media
Szulc Lilly Scenic Valley Oil
Szulc Lilly Rock of Ages Oil
Tague Marlene Spring Jewels Oil
Tague Marlene Garden Flowers Oil 
Titus Patricia Balboa Park Plein Air in Orange Oil
Velarde Lydia Crow Town USA Mixed Media Oil
Vincent Karen Time For Reflection Watercolor & Pastel
Vincent Karen The Cove WC & Pastel
Vincent Karen Lake Poway Morning Watercolor
Westbrook Ann John  Acrylic

Nancy Oleksa~Juror's Statement:
The North County Society of Fine Arts has many fine artists and a good representation of its ability was evident as I made my selections. Eliminating any piece was not an easy task especially when one considers the work and dedication an artist makes when submitting any artwork to a show. Part of participating in a juried show is knowing that some pieces will have to be eliminated and sometimes the piece that will be eliminated will be yours. The nature of a juried show is that the pieces are viewed relative to each other and under different circumstances that piece might have been included.The Artist's intent, skill of execution and presentation are important elements to me when selecting the paintings for the show, but the award winners have all of that plus a bit of special alchemy that brings it all together.I want to thank the North County Society of Fine Arts for granting me the privilege of being the jurist for this show, and congratulations to all of the artists who participated. I am very honored to have been part of the process.

2014 Award Winners and List of Exhibited Artworks
Juried by Wendy Wilson
Pat Titus' First Place Award
Pat Dispenziere "Oia III"
Jo-Lind's Third Place Award "Elfin Forest"

Pat Titus "Waterlillies"
First Place 2014

Pat Dispenziere "Oia III"
Second Place 2014
Jo-Lind Eckstein "Elfin Forest"
Third Place 2014

Honorable Mentions awarded: Michelle Kruck, Carol Mansfield for "Balance", and Doris Bertch

Executive Director, Escondido Arts PartnershipStatement by Juror Wendy Wilson:
The Municipal Gallery looks forward to the skill and technique displayed by artists during the annual exhibition by the North County Society of Fine Arts' members.   As the director of the gallery it was a pleasure to jury this exhibition of fine art by regional artists.

In this exhibition the artists’ inspiration can be found near and far in local gardens and in distant lands.  The NCSFA emphasized the color and feel of our region and travel through works such as Patricia Titus’s Waterlilies in acrylic, a vivacious and colorful rendition of the plants that grow and inspire us year around in San Diego’s ideal climate.  Jo-Lind Eckstein’s Back to Elfin Forest in pastel revisits a back country area that has been inundated with fire and development.  Her piece shows the vibrant golden hues and energy of the active plants that inhabit and survive in our region.
Travel allows us to seek out new experiences and unknown paths.  In Pat Dispenziere’s Oia III in watercolor, the viewer can enjoy traveling with her up the secret stairways all the while enjoying the architecture and light of the buildings.  Cheryl Boeller’s Flower Arrangement in mixed media, finds us in the garden soaking up the light and sweetness of the moment.  She reminds us that we are all viewing a scene, privy to a conversation, which exists in peaceful gardens around the world.
Members of the NCSFA are skilled artists who have mastered various forms of technique and subject matter.

2013 Award Winners and List of Exhibited Artworks

Carol Mansfield's "Book Fair" First Place
Pat Titus. "Balboa Park Plein Air" Second Place Award
Doris Bertch's Third Place Award "Remembering Idaho"
First Place Award 2013
Carol Mansfield
"Book Fair"
Second Place Award 2013
Pat Titus
"Balboa Park Plein Air"
Third Place Award 2013
Doris Bertch
"Remembering Idaho"
Bertch, Doris Evening Shadows pastel
Bertch, Doris Last Light pastel
Boeller, Cheryl Mickelson's Herd w/c
Boeller, Cheryl Flower Arrangement mixed media
Bowersox, Jan Nature 2 woodcut print
Bruun, Joyce Under Sea Gems Acrylic, Ink, Beads
Daffara, Sue Woods in the winter acrylic
Daffara, Sue Forest retreat acrylic
Dispenziere, Pat Oia III Transparent Watercolor
Eckstein, Jo-Lind Restoration mixed
Eckstein, Jo-Lind When the Nightingale Sings block print
Eckstein, Jo-Lind Back to Elfin Forest pastel
Ford, Sharon View from Port Townsend pastel on paper
Ford, Sharon Bosnia Woman Holding a Jug Pastel on Mat Board
Goodman, Lois Ugh! A Fish! graphite
Kokaska, Barbara Nicole's Sunset Oil
Kruck, Michele Alive Collage
Kruck, Michele Dubrovnik Watercolor & pen
Mansfield, Carol Balance acrylic on paper
Menius, Meda Moonstone Beach Watercolor
Menius, Meda Bondi Watercolor
Nash, Joyce Wild Thing II Acrylic
Nash, Joyce Purple Palms Acrylic on Canvas
Perkin, Janet Green Geisha Mixed.
Perkin, Janet Lindisfarne Mixed
Peterson, Kathryn Phoenix Recycled plastic bags and styrofoam
Sorrentino, Vita Adrift acrylic
Sreet, Ahna Peeking out Pen & Ink and WC
Titus, Patricia Waterlillies Acrylic
Titus, Patricia Balboa Park Plein Air II Oil
Velarde, Lydia Moonlight Crow mixed media
Velarde, Lydia Del Mar, En Plein Air OPil
Vincent, Karen To Complement watercolor, pastel, charcoal, pencil
Vincent, Karen Headstrong watercolor, charcoal

The NCSFA acknowledges and celebrates the many diverse talents of our members with a show that will be seen by many art enthusiasts in a North County area not regularly associated with NCSFA. In expanding our realm of influence, the “Expressions Galleries” at the Escondido Municipal Art

About our Jurors:

About our 2015 Juror:  Nancy  Oleksa
Born and raised outside of Youngstown, Ohio, in the small town of McDonald, Nancy Oleksa was involved in the visual arts form her earliest years.
Having her artistic talents recognized early enabled her to develop a portfolio from which she received a full scholarship to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. There she developed her skills and used her degree in Visual Communications to propel her into a position as first a color separator and then an illustrator for the American Greetings Corporation. It was at American Greetings that she diversified her abilities to include calligraphy, character development, writing and design.
It was here in San Diego that Nancy’s freelance career as an artist was realized. She became illustrator and graphic artist for the cities of Santee and El Cajon as well as lead illustrator for A La Carte Art Studios. Her clients included Bank of America, Century 21, the American Dental Assoc., and many others.
After the birth of her daughter, she realized a love of children’s books, and began to use her skills to explore the world of illustration for children. He art experience grew to include illustration for Cricket Magazine and Atheneum Books.
As an instructor, she has taught watercolor classes for over 25 years for Palomar College, the San Diego Watercolor Society, the cities of Santee and El Cajon, Poway Adult School and given many workshops through public and private organizations.
She is a popular jurist, workshop and watercolor instructor known for her passion for color and light. She has enjoyed instructing and contributing to the creative lives of watercolorists in San Diego County and throughout the United States.

About our 2014 Juror: Wendy Wilson
Wendy Wilson is the executive director of the Escondido Municipal Gallery,
a 6000 sq.ft. community art space
highlighting southern California artists, as well as being  headquarters for the local arts agency for the city of Escondido.

As a professional arts administrator, Wendy has extensive experience in exhibition creation, non-profit arts management, media communications and multimedia production. As a practicing artist, she has conceptualized and created multi-media installations and exhibitions exploring new media and theory-based subject matter. Wendy received her bachelor’s degree in Radio,Television & Film with a minor in Art, emphasizing studio art and art theory from California State University, Fresno. She studied Art Theory with artist Charles Gaines and Gallery Management with the late William Minshew.

She is a founding member of the Escondido Alliance for the Arts, board member of the Escondido Chamber of Commerce, and California Center for the Arts Escondido Museum committee member. Honors and awards include a National Endowment for the Arts, Artistic Excellence award for exhibitions in the area of art and science as well as recycled materials.  She has received funding from the county of San Diego for exhibitions highlighting the work of fiber and book artists as well as programs serving underserved populations in local schools and through public workshops.  Wendy Wilson has served as Executive Director of the non-profit Escondido Arts Partnership (EAP) for the past 7 years.

The NCSFA celebrates the many diverse talents of our members with a show that is seen by many art enthusiasts in a North County area.
In expanding our realm of influence, the “Expressions Galleries” at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery offers a well-lit, attractive space

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